Residenza Boutique

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Villa Casato Residenza Boutique

The Villa Casato is an Italian-style space that resembles a city of Tuscany and combines accommodation, gastronomy and antiquarian in Campos do Jordao.

The location could not be different: built in the 40s, the property belonged to a traditional São Paulo family of Italian origin who chose the mountains to spend their winter holidays. The interior architect Ana Maria de Almeida Navajas, responsible for the project, took the best of the old building and brought what is most modern in lodging. On the facade, the original frescoes dated 1943 made by muralist Fulvio Pennacchi were kept. The floor of the Residenza was preserved from the original building, it is entirely made of fine wood. prime location with easy access to the center of Capivari, but protected from any noise the project proposal is comfort, relaxation and fine dining, making guests feel at home.